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“Greatest and hardest workout I've ever done. This is a great gym to learn The sweet science! There are all skill levels at the gym but you will never be "fed to the wolves". The gym is very clean and instructors Justin and Tyra love what they do and it shows in how they train their members...”​


“The amount of individual personal one on one time that they offer during class is amazing. Walking in before class and the instructors knowing your name is also unexpected, you're not just another person here, there is a strong seance of family...”​


“We've been searching for months for a fitness program like this for our son. Chris is a super coach & is great with the kids ! Our son warmed up to him immediately, which was quite unique for our typically shy and reserved kid. So, so happy we found Pueblo!...”​
Erica and Mike


“Be it for fitness or competition you will get much more one on one training than you would a most other martial arts or boxing gyms. Everyone who I've trained with has been super friendly with no one out to prove that they are better...”​

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