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Pueblo Boxing offers Fun Boxing Fitness Group Classes for All Ages!


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Q: Can I Try A Class Before I Join The Club?

Of course, We are so sure you’ll love this unique way to get in shape, your First 2 workouts are Free! Check out the class schedule and come give us a try.



Q: I’ve Never Done Anything Like This Before; Is Experience Required?

No, not at all. Nearly 90% of our members never had any type of “fight” training experience. While all our programs are designed by experienced fighters, we understand that most of our members are just looking to get in great shape.



Q: Is It Mostly Guys Training There Or Are There Female Members As Well?

About 65-70% of our members are female; are all women classes are the most popular. We pride ourselves on our strong sense camaraderie and community at Pueblo Boxing, so regardless of your age, skill level, or sex, you’ll feel welcome.



Q: What Times And Days Do You Offer Classes?

We currently have about 20 classes Monday-Saturday including early morning 6am classes on Mon, Wed and Friday. Your First 2 classes are Free, so come try us out!



Q: What Should I Wear?

Wear what you normally wear to workout, T-shirt, shorts or jogging pants. We will provide you with wraps and boxing gloves for your free class.



Q: Is Sparring / Contact Required?

No, absolutely not. The majority of our members choose not to do it - but if you do, it will be done with great care. Safety is our primary goal at Pueblo Boxing, so should you decide to step into the ring, it will be under strict supervision.



Q: What Are Your Classes Like?

Each class lasts about one hour and varies in intensity and style, but each shares a common thread—intensive full body training. You will never get hit in a fitness class, but you will hit and kick a wide variety of punching bags such as heavy bags, upper cut body bags, double end, speed bags etc... All classes are taught by Trained P rofessionals, so you’ll learn the fundamentals and techniques from a pro. Low and high impact are available for any fitness and skill level.



Q: What Equipment Do I Need?

We have gloves for you to borrow. When you join, you will want your own personal pair. We have Professional Gear available at the gym for purchase and we can also assist you in choosing the appropriate gear at your local sporting goods store.



Q: What Age Group Attends Pueblo Boxing?

We have women, men and youth ranging from 7 to 69 years. We have separate classes for youth and adults, we also have All Women Classes available.



Q: Do You Offer A Military Or Student Discount?

At Pueblo Boxing we offer both our Military and Students discounts.



Q: Do You Require Long Term Contracts?

No, at Pueblo Boxing we understand that life sometimes gets in the way of your fitness goals. We are month to month, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Mission Statement

To have a Positive Impact on our members by Empowering them to reach their Fitness Goals.

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Pueblo Boxing
1007 7th Street, 
Wichita Falls, TX, 76301

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